Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's killer hot this morning. I thought I could run for longer than I could, but I haven't been training enough in between the big Sunday runs to be in proper shape, and I'm forcing myself to get on the ball here. Still, it feels good to have worked hard, and as an added bonus Jenn and I found a beautiful path that runs along a cliffside and gives us an unobstructed view of the whole city.

Tonight: up to Valencia to hang with Damian and see The Incredible Hulk. Again.

If you haven't seen Hulk yet, I highly recommend it - this film is far superior to Ang Lee's adaptation a few years back, which completely missed the entire point of the Hulk by giving the property to a director who is not suited to it.

They got it right. Again. I've been remarking to anyone who will listen that I think it's really cool to have two comic book films that are pitch perfect AND part of the same universe.

And for Hulk, you don't have to sit through the credits.


Bill Lublin said...

Hulk and Iron Man Rock - Keep on running -;-)