Monday, May 26, 2008

What I'm up to these days.

A short list:

I hunt for work. I worry about work that I was supposed to have but didn't. I get up REALLY early and go to bed before the sun (almost). I apply for several jobs but get no response. I wonder if ANYONE gets work off of Monster. Or Careerbuilder. Or Craigslist (although it has yielded the best results for me). I wonder if my money will run out before my luck. I wonder if I'm just banging my head against the wall. I train for a Marathon and get inspired by people in much more difficult situations than I who deal with life in a more graceful manner than I. I end statements with I. I get let down by childhood icons and pleasantly surprised by icons I barely ever knew. I fall in love with music again while falling out of love with TV. I wait for it to get hot. I hold it in until my brain hurts. I cough uncontrollably. I smile when I look at my sleeping wife. I make myself proud by doing things I've never done before, and disappoint myself by failing when I believe I should succeed. I wait my turn while noticing the line isn't getting any shorter. I read. I raise funds for something wonderful. I believe that people are basically good, despite a thousand examples to the contrary. I am doing OK, all things considered.

I end this blog.


ben said...

the blog entry or the whole web log?

Natascha said...

Please keep us updated on your marathon training! Good for you. And a wonderful cause. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Bill Lublin said...

If you only had a crystal skull ;-)